The Doomsday Clock

April 26th Game Summary

The party woke up after their ordeal in the other parties body and found themselves in what could only be in the Elven lands. They were in a strange wooded area with flora and fauna they had never seen and unfamiliar skies overhead. The party decided to backtrack to see where whoever was controlling their bodies came from and eventually came to a dead end. They did find a portal stone and destroyed it to keep anything else from coming to the Elven lands.

That night, Voltaire climbed a tree to try and figure out where they go in the unfamiliar land and saw what looked to be a city about a days travel to the North. The party spend the next day traveling and eventually arrived at the city that evening. Ash, in wolf form, and Voltaire scouted out the city and found it completely abandoned and littered with very old Elven skeletons. While trying to leave, something shot an arrow at Voltaire’s foot.

Several elves jumped down from the trees and confronted Voltaire and Ash. The elves captured Voltaire while Ash took the opportunity to run away. Since he was in animal form, the elves did not bother chasing him but they did lead Voltaire away.

Ash reunited with the party and told them what had happened. Phaetari walked into the city to try and make peace with Voltaire’s captors but nobody was there. Ash picked up on the trail of Voltaire being led away so the party followed. Two elves eventually confronted the party but since Phaetari was wearing her holy symbol the elves trusted her and brought her and the rest of the party to their city, Si’Jhar Cysti, where they met Voltaire.

The elves warmly greeted and welcomed the newcomers fully opening their doors. The party had many questions but the elves refused to answer them until that evening.

The following is a summary from the information given at the dinner. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

The Elves
  • The elves did not leave the world to simply shut themselves off, the placed the veil to contain The Evil.
  • The Evil had been more or less trapped behind The Veil for the past 1000 years
  • The elves thought they could contain and eliminate The Evil but were very wrong and has been slowly being exterminated over the past 1000 years.
  • This is the last town the elves know of and the number that lives there is only in the 100’s.
The Gods and Other Characters
  • What you know as The Evil is actually named Hatred
    • Has been killed by The First before
    • Has also tried, unsuccessfully, to use The First as his own tool of destruction
  • What you know as The Light is actually named Cassandra
  • What you know as The Balance is actually named Duedras
  • What you know as The First is actually named Meglan
Meglan, The First
  • She is 1000’s upon 1000’s of years old but is not an immportal
    • She has actually been killed, destroyed, and imprisoned multiple times but she has always been able to will herself back or free
  • She was the first being the gods created but turned out to be incredibly violent and rebelled against the gods so the gods killed her.
    • She was later resurrected by a demon which also spawned the Vashar race
    • Vashar live far below The Underdark and is a race bred for war against the gods
  • Her only agenda is to destroy everything the gods hold dear
  • She has been trapped in the shadow plane for the past 1000 years
    • Getting into the plane is simple, getting out is incredibly difficult, even harder if you died there.
    • When the gods put her there, they killed her.
    • In order to escape that plane she needs a body. She can exist for a short period of time in the material plane (your plane) but will be tethered to whatever portal she used and only be able to manifest herself for a very short period of time.
    • She has been severely weakened after being imprisoned in that plain for the past 1000 years, though closer to 10,000 to her because of the time difference.
The Portal to the Shadow Plane
  • The items the other party had where keys to opening a completely stable to the shadow plane
    • This is generally very hard to do and very rare
  • The elves think TeaBob is being manipulated into opening the portal by Meglan making him think it’s a weapon against The Evil
  • This is a very stable portal, but only lets those who have not died pass through and stay through.
    • Meglan, The First will need a body once through the portal in order to stay. Otherwise she will be tethered to the portal and eventually pulled back in.
  • It takes about a week to open the portal.



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