The Doomsday Clock

April 5th Game Summary

The party fought through the demons traps and minions and finally came to its front door. Hammurabi heard voices on the other side of the door and tried to listen to hear what they were saying but couldn’t hear anything. Gate not being one for subtlety kicked open the door.

The party saw a large audience chamber with demons of all shapes and sizes lining the walls eying them suspiciously. At the end of the hallway there was a very small demon that appeared to have some sort of authority over the demons. It sat high in a large throne surrounded by clocks of various shapes and sizes and legal ledgers. The demon motioned the party forward.

This was the demon Mezzo they were looking for it and told them he could get them out of Hell if they did something for him. Mezzo said he knew his minions could easily take but had no desire to needlessly waste them. Instead, he would rather they just leave his home. Not being one to give something for nothing, Mezzo gave the party a small chest of various trinkets he had no need for and a task to deliver a package to a village. In return, Mezzo would spare their lives and let them leave Hell to go wherever they wanted.

The party signed a contract and put on special necklaces that bound the party to their words and assumed Mezzo was bound to the contract.

Mezzo opened a portal back to the parties world and the party entered. They found themselves in a forest with a town nearby and went on their way.

At first glance the town looked deserted but upon closer inspection by Ash and Voltaire they found that The Bringers had turned the villagers into followers of The First. Before they could get back, four possessed villagers jumped out from the trees and ambushed the rest of the party. Ash and Voltaire rushed back to the group when they saw what was going on and the group was able to take care of the minor threat.

The group moved onto the village and found possessed villagers wandering the street waiting for the party. The villagers flung themselves at the group trying to stop them while Bringers revealed themselves from the shadows and attacked the party. The party took care of the villagers and Bringers only to see five more villagers on the bridge trying to summon something.

The group tried to stop the villagers from summoning whatever they were trying to summon but they were too light. The runs painted on the bridge glowed and a large dragon emerged on the bridge and attacked the party.

The dragon started out strong and things looked bad for the party but the party was able to take care of the remaining villagers and turn the tides on the dragon. The dragon eventually flew into the air and finally retreated to some unseen place.

With the villagers taken care of, the party finished their task by placing the package under the bridge. Upon setting it down, the package burst into flames sunk into the ground opening up a portal to Hell. The party saw Mezzo sitting on the other side and entered the portal.

Mezzo was pleased to see that the party successfully completed their task and released them from their contract and agreed to send them on their way. Before the party left, they heard The Doomsday clock rumble and start to move. Mezzo opened a scrying glass to view the portal and noticed that it moved from 11:56 to 11:55.

Mezzo was noticeably upset and confused by this since it had never moved backwards before. Slightly upset, Mezzo hurried the party through the portal.

All went black and then Ash woke up first. When he woke up, a stranger was shaking him trying to wake him. Ash came to his senses and noticed he was in the body of the other party and the rest of his party soon woke up and noticed the same thing.

Every member looked at themselves in their new bodies and then at the rest of the members not sure what was happening or if they were the only one this happened to as they noticed they also happened to be afflicted by the baneling curse.



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