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December 21st Game Summary

The party left for Karnish that morning on the transport/cargo ship. It wasn’t easy finding a ship since not many were going South, but they managed to find one and even find one for a decent price.

The ship seemed like your everyday ship that had five other passengers along with the crew. Voltaire did notice someone eying him from below deck, but the person quickly ducked into the shadows before he investigate. Other than that, things seemed normal.

The next morning, the party woke up to find Phaetari preaching the word of The Light very similar to Justine had before. It appeared she was wearing the holy symbol they found in the jewelery shop the day before and she did not wish to take it off.

Later that day a group of harpies attacked the ship but the party was able to fairly easily fend them off. Because of this, they won the favor of the captain and he refunded their transport fee and even promised to buy them a drink once in port.

During mealtime that night Voltaire decided to take the opportunity to find the person that was giving him the stink eye earlier. Not finding him in the galley, Voltaire crept further into the ship. He noticed that it began to get unnaturally dark in the area and soon heard noises ahead of him just around the corner.

It seemed like every time he chased down the source of the noise, it darted away just in time. It was also about this time that Voltaire noticed that the part of the ship that was usually supposed to have guard guarding the cargo bay were noticeably missing.

Not letting this and the darkness deter him, Voltaire continued down towards the cargo bay of the ship. Upon reaching the stairs to the cargo, Voltaire heard something drop. He continued down the stairs and ahead out of the unnatural darkness he saw a single barrel with the top opened, a lit candle, and the top of the barrel sitting next to it.

When Voltaire reached the barrel, the room suddenly became lighter and he could see the barrel was full of alchemist fire that looked like it could easily scuttle the boat. Before he could really take all this in, Voltaire heard a voice call from the direction he came asking who was down there.

The guards that weren’t there before were there now and asking what he was doing in the cargo bay. The guard soon saw the barrel full of alchemist and ordered Voltaire back as he asked for help on the situation.

The guard and several other crewman escorted Voltaire up as two others threw the barrel overboard and destroyed it with 422’s and Gate’s help. The rest of the party saw Voltaire being escorted up and joined him in the captains quarters for questions.

The rest of the crew was quick to blame Voltaire for trying to destroy the ship, but luckily the captain was a man of reason and considering the party saved the ship earlier he decided Voltaire wasn’t there to destroy the ship and let the party go. He questioned the rest of the passengers that night, but was not able to determine how Voltaire got down to the cargo bay without anyone noticing him or, more importantly, who put the barrel there and how they sneaked it on board.

The next day was rather uneventful. Before, the crew warmly welcomed the party and eagerly engaged in conversation with them, now, they seemed mistrustful of them and the other passengers. Furthermore, Phaetari continued to preach strangely and fervently preach the word of The Light.

That night, Voltaire entered Phaetari’s and Ash’s bunk to try and steal the amulet she bought several days earlier that was possibly the cause for her strange behavior. Voltaire was unsuccessful in taking her amulet off as she slept as the amulet burned his hands and woke up Phaetari.

There was a panic in the room and a commotion that woke up most of the rest of the ship as Phaetari screamed. Ash continued to help Voltaire remove the amulet from her possession and they were eventually able to wrestle it free and throw it on the floor.

422 took the chance to throw the amulet overboard. Upon releasing the amulet, Phaetari seemed to instantly return to her normal self and remembered everything that happened.

The next week or so was uneventful as the ship continued to sail on. There didn’t seem to be any more strange occurrences on the ship and Phaetari seemed to be back to herself. Just as things seemed to quiet down, the alarm rang out.

The party rushed to the top of the decks as they saw a large pirate raiding ship quickly traveling towards them. The pirate ship pulled along side them and pirates swung onto the decks and lowered boarding planks.

The party tried to remove the boarding planks but the pirates were too many to keep them busy as they flooded aboard. The party seemed to be handling the pirates with little trouble even with their great numbers and when things seemed the best for the party, the pirate captain appeared with several men carrying barrels presumably full of explosives.

The pirate captain ordered his men to retreat as the explosives were being carried on board to scuttle the ship: if the pirates couldn’t have that ship, nobody would.

Voltaire quickly boarded the ship to try and keep it from leaving as 422 rushed the explosive barrel now on board the ship. Using his knife he was able to cut the fuse before it exploded.

Gate charged the second barrel and was eventually able to push it overboard with the help of the rest of the party. Not wasting time he rushed aboard the ship to try and keep it from leaving.

During the commotion Voltaire confronted the captain on one of the boarding planks and managed to push him off, but not before deftly stealing his hat and proclaiming himself as the captain. Eager to finish his work with the captain, Voltaire donned the hat and jumped in after the pirate captain before being surrounded by pirates.

Gate still on board the then departed pirate ship tried to make it to the wheel to turn it around was quickly surrounded by all the remaining pirates on board. The pirates nearly brought him down and captured him, but Gate managed to jump overboard to safety.

On board the cargo ship, the rest of the party managed to capture three pirates.


“stank eye” LOVE IT!

December 21st Game Summary

By the way, in response to the last email, I would be down for continuing to RP on the forums during the break.

December 21st Game Summary

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