The Doomsday Clock

January 4th 2010 Game Summery

The ship was roughly two days away from Karnish when Hammurabi had another of his fainting episodes. When he awoke he told the party that he had a vision. There was a man on board who must be stopped and they were all in grave danger. Hammurabi took the party to a room where a hysterical man has barricaded himself in his quarters. Voltaire used his (daily) teleporting powers to enter the barricaded room. The hysterical man had transformed into one of the Stitch-Faced Men. Voltaire knocked out the man (and helped himself to his wallet) but found that the door was sealed and barricaded too heavily to opened even from the inside!

Meanwhile other crew members began to go out of control and behave destructively. The mast was torn down and the ship was lit aflame! Phaetari was able to secure a lifeboat while Ash zealously fended off the mad crew members. 422 Maintenance retrieved the explosive keg left over from the pirate battle in order to assure it didn’t explode in the fire. The weight of the keg and himself caused him to fall through a weakened floor. He extracted the bomb core from the keg and swiftly made it to the lifeboat.

Hammurabi and Gate, who where in the bottom deck when the fires broke out, discovered some eerie runic statuettes in the hold. Unable to destroy them in a timely manner, they took the statuettes with them to the lifeboat.

Voltaire managed to escape from the barricaded room by prying the floorboards and dropping to the deck below. On his way through the burning ship to the top deck he stopped by the brig. There he freed the captured pirates out of concern of being unable to claim the bounty on their heads if they go down with the ship. However the ship was crumbling around them and flaming debris blocked their way out. Voltaire and only one other pirate were able to force their way through the debris and jump to the lifeboat just as the ship split in half spectacularly and sink to the bottom of the ocean!

While on the dingy, renamed by Voltaire as the H.M.S. Absolute, the party surmised that the statuettes were likely the cause of the crew’s madness. Despite Hammurabi’s dissent, the party voted to be rid of the statuettes and thew them off of the Absolute. During the discussion it was revealed that both Phaetari and Hammurabi had separate visions that suggest that someone in the party might be working against them.

The Absolute neared land and the party could see a settlement, but one that none of the recognized. The lone pirate that Voltaire managed to rescure, “Slim” Jimmy, was “persuaded” into revealing that the settlement was Hidden Pirate Island. “Slim” Jimmy forged a deal with the party to supply the info they would need into order to blend in and avoid detection on the island in exchange for his freedom.

On Hidden Pirate Island, the party disguised themselves as pirates, except for Ash who shifted into a parrot, and made their way to the pub. Along the way they noticed a fighting arena and outside were passengers of their downed ship in cages marked “cannon fodder”. In the pub the party learned that the next day there would be a slaughter in the arena. The party stuck a deal with the arena master. They would fight his gladiators – a much better spectacle than a simple slaughter they supposed – and if they won he would give them a ship and the captives as a crew.

One of the stipulations was that the party had to stay in the fighter’s quarters until the match. Ash, in his parrot form, was able to leave the fighters quarters without suspicion. As a human, he made a large bet on the party for the coming match.

The next day the party was thrown into the arena while Ash was perched incognito on the shoulder of the arena master. They easily bested the gladiators of the first round and, despite a few stumbles, was able to win some of the crowd’s favor.


Thanks for writing this up!

I’m failing at summaries these days…

(also, kudos on avatar selection)

January 4th 2010 Game Summery

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