The Doomsday Clock

November 13 2009 Email-Forum Game Summary

After a rough battle with a group of shadow goblins in the deserted Oakhurst, the group went back to the safety of the camp. Upon entering the camp the party saw that everything there had been eaten just as the people in Oakhurst had been.

The party searched the campsite but found nothing useful there. Hammurabi searched slightly further outside the campsite and found a strange hole about 75 yards. Around the hole there was a strange black slime coming from the hole and looked like something had dragged itself covered in the slime out of the hole.

Meanwhile, 422 Maintenance and Gate went down to the town to explore the town. They decide to go down to the tavern first since that’s where the most people would be. Walking in, they see the same scene as before: it looks like people were in the middle of their evening meal when they were suddenly interrupted and quickly killed.

They make their way back to the storage room and notice something odd: there’s a hole in the wooden floor. Upon closer inspection it looks like something broke through the floor there and left traces of some black residue. Moving slightly closer, they start hearing a strange out of this world sound. It sounds almost as if there’s a violent wind blowing throughout this room except there doesn’t appear to be any being blown around in the room.

Not wanting to risk being attacked without the rest of the group, the two returned to town and the group went to sleep while 422 and Gate kept watch.

That night, while the rest of the group dreamed of the The Lake of Fire again, 422, Gate, and Hamm each had a new vision(422’s Vision, Gate’s Vision, and Hammurabi Vision).

The three woke up about the same time and shared their visions and concerns with each other. They decided that the following morning that they would inform the group and search the two holes while the hole party was present.

The next morning, Hammurabi Vision found a strange broken tablet with some unknown writing on it but no black slime. Phaetari tried to discern what the tablet said, but she could not figure out what the large symbol in the middle said and most of the text on the tablet was too badly worn to what it said other than some random words, doorway, and hell. Incredibly shocked, Phaetari informed the group of what she saw and the group went back to the town.

Going back to the cavern, it’s obvious that the visions 422, Gate, and Hamm took place in this vision and the storage room in the back and with that in my mind the group went to the storage room.

Hamm and the rest of their group make their way back to the storage room. Walking through the kitchen you see the door slightly open and notice a soft red light coming from it. Inching closer, you make your way forward, slowly open the door, and peer in.

You see the small storage room and it’s much warmer than it should be in there and there’s a soft red light coming from the hole in the floor, slowly pulsing. Around the whole there is a small amount of black residue on the edge of the broken boards and dripping back into the hole.

Before you have time to really do anything, the becomes incredibly bright red, there’s a loud POP, and then all is dark in the room except for the light coming in from the doorway.

You open the door slightly further to let in some more light and notice that the black residue around the hole has disappeared and the room feels like it is cooling off.

Not being one to waste time, Voltaire wriggles his way through the party and into the storage room.

You quickly get out your sunrod, activate it, and drop it down the hole. The rope starts falling and then pretty stops. You peek your head over and the heat is still radiating from the hole and notice the hole is about as deep the other one.

At the bottom of the hole is another shattered stone that looks to be about the same size as the previous one and the light from the sunrod shows more worn unfamiliar text.

Voltaire grabs the tablet and burns his hands but still manages to get the broken tablet out of the hole. While this one was in better condition than the previous one, it was still pretty badly worn. Phaetari still could not get everything but she did figure out it was a piece of a ritual to open a minor doorway to hell.



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