The Doomsday Clock

November 16th 2009 Game Summary

Not finding much else of interest in the small storage room, the group decided it would be best to move on. As the party was leaving the tavern they encountered several bandits. After a small standoff, the small group of bandits and the party decided to go their separate ways.

Later that day, Ash noticed someone following the group and later figured that it was probably the bandits making notes on the group trying to decide whether to attack or not. The party tried to lay a trap for the scout bandit, but they lost track of him.

Later that day the party found the bandits again. They laid a trap for the partying, pretending to have a broken wagon. The bandits attacked the party and were unsuccessful with most of them being killed and the rest running away.

Shortly after the party decided to make camp and went to sleep for the night. While most of the party had visions of The Lake of Fire, Voltaire, Phaetari, and Gate each had a vision (Gate’s Vision of Aire, Phaetari’s Vision of Pieter, and Voltaire’s Vision of Rock).

Other than that, the night was uneventful even though the party found out the next morning that some of the bandits had returned to the ambush site but did not bother the party.

The next morning, the party continued along the way towards the next town. The party reached the next town and didn’t notice any activity in it. Fearing another town had been eaten by the goblins, they advanced slowly. When they got close to the town they saw that people were alive, but they were all incredibly depressed.

Upon entering the town, Phaetari, Ash, Voltaire, and Hamm went to the tavern to find out what they could about the town. It seemed that the people there did not have any visions of the future and decided that meant everyone in the town would die sometime in the near future. Because of that, the townspeople that could not leave the town simply lost hope and began to lose the will to live.

422 and Gate searched for the well that Gate saw in his vision and eventually found it. Around the well all the vegetation was dead and the ground was no longer fertile. The well also appeared to be HUGE and quite ancient.

The party reqrouped and used one of the sunrods to look down the well. They saw that the well was deeper than they could have imagined and there was actually a cave deep inside the well. After some deliberation and some mishaps, the party managed to climb down the well.

While the party was making their down the well, they heard a scream. Once the party got together they investigated the source of the scream. The party went further down the cave and found some figures in heavy dark robes with sewn shut eyes and mouths huddled around a man on a sacrificial alter.

When the party tried to approach these people, they immediately attacked them. It appeared that these people had no intentions of negotiating or even trying to communicate with the party and brutally attacked them. Once the party killed these people, they searched their bodies but did not find much else of interest on them other than some ornate curved daggers they had never seen before.

The party ventured further into the cave deep in the well and found another large room with more of the robe figures. The robed figures immediately attacked the party on entering and nearly killed several of the members but in the end the party managed to kill these men too. After killing them, Gate found the satchel that he saw in his vision, but did not find anything inside of it.

The party checked one of the side room and found what looked like some sort of study room. It had a desk with a large amount of parchment, several blank tomes, two new looking books (the History of the World part XVIII, the History of the Elves part III) and another large book without a title. On the floor there was also a burnt book that had been destroyed.

The party left the room since there wasn’t anything else there and went into the final room of the small cave. The last room appeared to be some sort of shrine or worship room with more robed figures. Just like before the figures attacked the party without hesitation but the party managed to survive.


422’s experiment log: Today marked the first field test of prototype sub-unit 422-001, designate “Obedient Servant”, and I believe it can be marked more or less as a success. 001 was able to follow directives without confusion, co-ordinate with 444 Gate, and utilize its forelimbs as weapons with rather devastating effect. The one flaw seen so far is in its use of the bolt-caster I installed last night on a whim; its accuracy leaves much to be desired. Perhaps I’ll have to take steps towards improving its vision…

November 16th 2009 Game Summary

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