The Doomsday Clock

November 23rd Game Summary

The group searched the final room and found a dwarf chained to the wall with a bag over his head. Phaetari decided that the dwarf was friendly and the group freed him. The dwarf, Orin, revealed that he was from the town and explained the events that got to where he was.

At this point Hammurabi passed out for some unknown reason so Orin and Gate decided to take turns carrying him. When the group tried to leave the well they saw four more stitch-faced men with the arms raised high in the air. When Gate approached them, they threw their arms down and a creature made out of fire and bone appeared in front of them. Despite being tired and down a member, the group was able to overcome the challenge with Orin’s help and leave the well.

Orin offered the group shelter in his home and a place to leave Hamm while he was passed out. During this time, 422 Maintenance and Phaetari studied two of the books with writing in them that they found while in the well.

The first book, a History of the World, mentioned a lake of fire located somewhere in The Southern Lands. The other book, a book of Elven history, talked about summoning tablets similar to the ones the group found earlier. These tables where Hellmouth tablets that could open gates to Hell of varying size and would stay open for variable amounts of time, depending on the tablet. The book also gave detailed instructions on how to destroy these tablets.

After resting, the group decided it would be best to leave Hamm resting in Orin’s home and check out the mansion that Orin had last remembered going to. Ash and Voltaire sneaked around the mansion and noticed that there were several stitch-faced men wandering inside the mansion, specifically around the library.

Voltaire bravely sneaked into the mansion and was able to evade detection. He made into the library only to see several of the stitch-faced men studying and burning books. Voltaire slowly made his way to one of the tables and was able to swipe one of the books before without being detected and left the library. On the way out of the mansion, Voltaire passed another stitch-faced man leading what looked like a peasant towards the library.

While Ash and Voltaire was out, Orin passed out for several minutes. When he came to, he revealed that he had a dream where he stabbed Voltaire in his sleep, but not much more.

Ash and Voltaire returned to the group and they decided it would be best to enter the library, stop them from burning the books, and possibly find the enigmatic man that had led Orin to the mansion. On the way to mansion, Ash noticed a secret passage open in the library.

When the group entered the library, they were immediately attacked by the stitch faced men. When they entered it appeared as though they were finished burning books and were actually replacing books in the shelves.

After the fight, the group took a few minutes to look over some of the books but did not see anything else special and kept the books that the stitch-faced men were returning to the shelves.

Ash found the secret passage that he noticed earlier and a bookshelf swung forward revealing a stair case to a dark basement. The group followed the stairs down and saw four more stitch faced men that immediately summoned a blue demon that attacked them.

During the fight, Orin turned the group and nearly killed Phaetari but the group was able to subdue Orin and kill the demon along with the four other men.



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