The Doomsday Clock

November 23rd XP Report

XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (100XP)
  • Well Entrance Encounter (218XP)
  • Fight in the Library (248XP)
  • Fight in the Dungeon (236XP)

XP Total: 802

Well Entrance Encounter
  • Bone Demon x1 (194 XP)
  • Bringer x3 (24 XP)
Fight in the Library
  • Bringer of the Dagger x3 (153 XP)
  • Bringer of the Moon x1 (44 XP)
  • Bringer of the Blood x1 (51 XP)
Fight in the Dungeon
  • Orin x1 (88 XP)
  • Blue Demon x1 (105 XP)
  • Bringer x4 (43 XP)



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