Warforged unit originally specialized for maintenance, repair, and support.


422 has a very dry, analytical mindset. He is very curious and adept about technical or mechanical matters, but tends to approach other subjects with the same view, with varying results. For example, while he has some minor skill at healing humanoid characters, he approaches it the same way he would fixing a damaged construct, considering it a matter of structural analysis and repair. Due to not having a lot of contact with non-warforged other than the mage that bought him, he is a little awkward when interacting with them. He tends to take things literally, not generally catching things like sarcasm, hyperbole, or rhetorical statements. He likes to spend time to consider all facets of a situation before approaching it.

422 made the jump from his original function as maintenance and repair to artificer via extended observation of his original master’s magical studies and experiments. He was eventually able to adapt the formulae and theories used to construct and maintain machinery to encompass magical power as well, rendering it merely another natural force and energy source to be analyzed, quantified, and manipulated. He was already beginning to incorporate these theories into his work in an attempt to improve his engineering methods with magic when the mage died. After seeing what appeared to be Warforged animals in his recurring visions, his latest goal is to use this fusion of magic and technology to create life-like constructs.


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