The Doomsday Clock

March 17th 2010 Bonus Game 3 Summery

The party immediately found themselves in an emergency situation. Their airship was on fire! Altitude was dropping! And the dragon was coming around for another pass!

422 went down to the engineering level to see what he could do to fix the engine. An I-beam collapsed on the main drive and the air elemental inside was trying to escape. Unable to convince it to stay put, 422 began patching up the breach, but inadvertently opened the crack just enough for the elemental to escape. Phaetari didn’t have much better luck fixing the port stabilizers.

According to the airship captain, standard procedure to fight deck fires is to fly the airship through clouds. Ash went to navigation to assist but found the pilot unconscious. He took the wheel himself and steered the limping airship into the nearest cloud formation. However the high winds proved too much to keep the ship steady and although the fire was doused, the airship sustained further damage as the gale torn larger holes in the hull.

Hammurabi and Gate were more successful in defending the airship from the dragon’s second attack run. The airship’s main turret was damaged but the gun itself was operational. Rather than trying to fix the turret, Gate simply ripped the gun off its mount and balanced it on his shoulders while Hamm fired. The shot clipped the dragon who flinched and missed the airship with its flame breath.

While the ship was safe from being fried, it was still in an inescapable descent. The captain ordered everyone to ready for an emergency landing and the airship crashed into the jungle below.

Hammurabi and Phaetari were the first to pull themselves from the wreckage. They were relatively unharmed while the others were not as lucky. Ash was buried under debris, Gate had a tree sticking through his chest and 422, who took refuge inside the containment sphere that once held the air elemental, found that the sphere remained intact but was violently ejected from the airship upon impact. The rest of the airship crew perished in the crash. The only other one to survive, apparently, was the prisoner Soloman who was being transported on the airship to his execution. He had escaped from the wreckage before the others awoke.

The next morning, after bandaging their wounds and savaging supplies, Ash found the trail of Soloman and the party took off into the jungle to find him. The first main hazard they came across was a rushing river. Their attempt to ford the river was troublesome for most and the rapids swept all but Gate and Hamm downstream. Down the river Gate found those who were swept away clinging to jagged rocks for dear life. Tying a rope around himself and a tree, Gate waded back into the water to grab the other party members while Hamm helped pull them back to safety. It was a tiresome ordeal and the party camped for the night. Their night was far from restful as the nighttime rains brought a mudslide down on them.

Heading out again the next day, Ash came across a herd of animals and successfully hunted several of them, replenishing the party’s food supply. Later they came across new tracks as they followed Soloman’s trail. Their apparently had been a fight and a native warrior was found dead. As the party examined the body more natives emerged from the bushes, pointing their spears at the intruders. Phaetari attempted to communicate with them telepathically but the only message they got was that she was a witch.

The party was victorious in fending off the hostile natives. Later that night when they were resting, monkeys attempted to steal some of the party’s food, but the warforged easily scared them away before they could make off with anything.

On the trail again the party was attacked by a vicious beast never before seen by mankind: the monkeybear! The monkeybears swung in with the ability of an ape and the strength of a mighty bear. However Gate was able to hinder their movement and the party soon gained the upper hand. The remaining monkeybears fled. Phaetari slew one of the fleeing bloodied animals, a direct violation of her teachings, and was subsequently plagued with an image in her mind’s eye of the monkeybear’s cubs slowly starving without their mother to return to them. Until they were killed by a raptor-like predator. (Travis, you gotta upload that image you drew. It’s epic)

The party tracked Soloman’s trail to a clearing where the trail suddenly ends. Just then, a bird lands on 422’s shoulder and asks him to confirm his identity. Though taken aback, 422 does so. The bird then asks that they please remain at that spot and flies off. Later an airship lands in the clearing. The captain of this airship, the Climax, identifies himself as being part of the same squadron as the crashed airship and was sent to search for survivors and recapture the prisoner.

With everyone on board, the Climax continues its search for Soloman. However Soloman finds them first. He rides in on the back of the red dragon that attacked the previous airship. The dragon sweeps down and attaches itself to the side of the airship with its powerful claws and breaths fire on the open deck. Ash grew giant magical vines which locked the dragon down in place, but its continued thrashings were tearing apart the side of the airship. 422 used one of this wind generating devices to push the dragon off the side of the airship while simultaneously pulling Soloman off his mount and onto the deck of the airship. Enraged, the dragon swept down again and began tearing up the other side of the airship, which was now heavily damaged. Hamm realized that this airship had a cannon much like the previous one did. He turned the gun to face the dragon and fired, blasting the beast off the airship. All was quite for a moment and no one could see where the dragon had fallen to. Just then it appeared up from under the airship, directly in front of Hamm and grabbed him in its teeth. Gate charged and swung a fatal blow with his ice hammer. Hamm pulled himself free of the dragon’s grasp just as it began to plunge into the air below and barely caught the hand of his allies reaching over the bow of the airship.

The Climax was heavily damage but was able to limp away from the fight (1 hp left!), and the party successfully recaptured Soloman.

Februaru 22nd 2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (368XP)
  • Karnish Encounter 1 (404XP)
  • Karnish Encounter 2 (350XP)
  • The Karnish Guard (499XP)

Total for session: 1621

Total for campaign: 10502

Roleplaying Rewards (368)
  • The Ghost Town (158 XP)
  • Karnish Guard Talkdown (210 XP)
Karnish Encounter 1 (404 XP)
  • Baneling Survivolist x3 (230 XP)
  • Bloodlust Baneling x2 (175 XP)
Karnish Encounter 2 (350 XP)
  • Bloodlust Baneling x1 (218 XP)
  • Baneling Spiker x1 (66 XP)
  • Baneling Slyblade x1 (66 XP)
The Karnish Guard (499 XP)
  • Karnish Guard x1 (263 XP)
  • Baneling Spiker x1 (79 XP)
  • Baneling Slyblade x1 (79 XP)
  • Baneling Hordeling x1 (79 XP)
February 15th 2010 Game Summery
A Long Day, part two(?)

The ships assaulting Tortuga flew the Karish flag, but this was not a standard navy raid or even privateer attack. The ships were crewed by varied assortment of people, including peasants, but nearly all had twisted, warped faces.

The party briefly split into two groups. 422 took one group to a local general store in an attempt to retrieve the components needed to raise Voltaire. The other group headed for the docks in order to secure a ship to escape on. 422 found the general store boarded up but was able to get the attention of the pirates who boarded themselves up inside. He was able to obtain the components, through at an inflated price.

The other group was on their way to the docks when, to their great surprise, Voltaire returned to life all on his own! Phaetari was immediately suspicious he was some type of zombie or other undead beast. Voltaire claimed he fought his way out of Hell and back to the land of the living. In true he was approached in the afterlife by a figure dressed in the robes of a nobelman who worked for the Keeper of Hell. He offered to return Voltaire to life, however he would have to become one of his banelings. He would return to life for only one day, but could earn additional days of life by taking the lives of others and offering their souls.

Voltaire’s group encounters a group of twisted face men who attack on sight. In the middle of battle, 422’s group rejoins them and are surprised to see Voltaire alive. They fight off the twisted faces and made for the docks. After fighting another group of enemies, and even taking one captive, they secure a ship and sail off.

On board the ship (the H.M.S. Absolute II, as named by Voltaire) they through their prisoner in the brig and interrogate him. As it turns out the prisoner is a baneling under the same deal as Voltaire, and Voltaire’s secret is soon exposed.

The Absolute II makes its way to the next port town, but along the way passes an island with a large active volcano. Hamm identifies it as the place from his visions, and surmises the The Red Robed Figure is at the Lake of Fire inside the volcano. The group deliberates and reaches the conclusion they need more information and preparation before confronting the Red Robed Figure, least they suffer the same fate as The Other Party. The decided that after stocking up on supplies in the next port, they will finish their journey to Karnish and find the Karnish Guard, Alain.

March 1st 2010 Bonus Game XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (1 XP)
  • Bewildering Sandstorm (176 XP)
  • Blood Blossom Assault (618 XP)
  • The Key and the Cauldrons (842 XP)
  • BOSS FIGHT – The Maw (9,667 XP)

Total for session: 11304 Okay, Tommy?

Total for campaign: 20206 Sounds good!

Roleplaying Rewards (1 XP)

  • Buying a Camel (50 XP)
  • Impressing the Caravan (50 XP)
  • NOT Going to the Strip Club (-99 XP)

Bewildering Sandstorm (176 XP)

  • Lost: Have You Seen My Warforged? (176 XP)

Blood Blossom Assault (618 XP)

  • Thrasher Burr x4 (412 XP)
  • Spore Pod x2 (206 XP)

The Key and the Cauldrons (842 XP)

  • Retrieving the Key Without Too Much Trouble Dammit (842 XP)

BOSS FIGHT – The Maw (9,667 XP)

  • “Paw” The Maw Tentacles (666 XP)
  • The Maw (9,001 XP)

(this is a joke post)

March 1st 2010 Bonus Game 2 Summery

Our brave heroes – Ash, Phaetari, Gate and 422 – began their journey in the quite podunk of Starting Town. Their goal: to cross the Very Dry Desert to reach MacGuffinopolis, where the roads are paved with Unobtainium. They start by bartering for a riding animal for Phaetari. Ash chose a camel while Gate preferred the adjacent rock. Then they struck a deal to work as an escort for a trade caravan. Caravans have been disappearing along the trade route lately and this caravan wouldn’t have struck out without some protection. However they were greatly excited by Gate’s strength, mildly impressed by Ash’s animal form and thankful for Phaetari’s ability to heal their cold-sores. 422 was relieved they agreed to the deal before he had to display a talent of his.

On the second day of their travels with the caravan, the group got caught in a sandstorm. In the maelstrom 422 became disoriented and wandered away from the caravan. Ash tracked his scent and found him in the desert wastes. While the two were gone, the caravan was ambushed on crumbled ancient roadway by strange creatures that resembled an plant/insect hybrid. They were charged by large burr-covered beetle creatures while other creatures fired explosive nuts at the party.

The caravan held out until Ash and 422 arrived, though Gate was having great difficulty due to sinking into the soft shifting sand. The battle was also hampered by the fact that defeated beetle creatures would release a pair of floating seeds that, if left to take root, will grow into carnivorous fanged plants. Still, after a long fight, the party prevailed.

Off in the distance and old temple could be seen. Out of open vents in the structure, huge plumes of parachute seeds, much like those left by the encountered creatures, could be seen spilling into the atmosphere and being carried off by the wind. However, being the cowardly prudent bunch they were, the party decided to ignore the temple and continue onwards to MacGuffinopolis. However the temple wouldn’t ignore them. Each day more and more parachute seeds would be blown into the caravan by the howling winds. The seeds would take root in their supplies and threatened to sprout into violent monsters if not purged with fire. At the current rate the caravan would run out of necessary supplies for survival long before they reach their destination. Left with no other choice, they headed to the temple to put a stop to the menace.

Inside the ruins they found carvings describing an ancient civilization that lived in a lush garden valley. They attributed their good fortune to a plant deity that 422 recognized as a powerful feywild beast. After a great sin was committed and the land dried up, the plant deity turned on its followers and sustained itself on blood.

In the center of the main chamber was a large room with a keyhole in the middle of the floor. Also in the room was a circle of six cauldrons. Each was filled with a strange liquid and at the bottom of each was a key. The party carefully examined each. One was filled with blood which would have attracted more monsters is spilled, one had a mixture that would turn whatever it touched into a plant creature, two were actually a set of linked portals. One was magical drowning pool that could grow in size and depth, which mesmerized Phaetari and drew her into it. Luckily she broke out of the trace soon and Gate was able to reach her to pull her out. When each cauldron was disturbed the image of the key at the bottom would disappear. The only one that didn’t disappear was the one submerged in what they discovered to be a very powerful acid.

Gate was able to pry the cauldron off of the fastenings. He and 422 both grabbed hold of the large, full cauldron and began to move it outside with all the grace of a pair of movers with a large couch. Despite a few close calls and tumbles, they managed to walk it outside where they poured it out safely into the desert sand and retrieve the key.

When they put the key in the keyhole, the room began to shake violently. The stone floor ripped into large chunks and everything began to sink into a large sand bowl that tore open in the ground. In the center of the sand bowl was The Maw, the carnivorous plant deity which was producing the seeds and spreading its minions across the land. Much like the sand pit of a giant antlion, any standing in the slopping sand would slip towards it. Their only hope was to stay on the broken chunks of the stone floor, but even those were being drawn slowly to the center of the pit. To make matters worse, The Maw employed vine-like tentacles to grab victims and pull them closer.

After a pitched battle with Phaetari half chewed by The Maw and on the verge of death, Ash summoned a pack of spirit wolves that tore the fey beast asunder. With it’s death the seed production stopped and the world was saved from the spread of dreaded man-eating plants. Everyone rejoiced!

...then they all realized that the sand pit has sunken quite deep beneath the ruins and no one was sure how to get out…

Februaru 15th 2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (345XP)
  • Baneling Rush (316XP)
  • Battle at the Docs (564XP)

Total for session: 1225

Total for campaign: 8902

Roleplaying Rewards (345)

  • Tortuga Assault (173 XP)
  • Return of the Living Voltaire (173 XP)

Baneling Rush (316 XP)

  • Baneling Hordeling x1 (63 XP)
  • Baneling Hordeling x16 (253 XP)

Battle at the Docs (564 XP)

  • Baneling Hordeling x3 (242 XP)
  • Baneling Slyblade x2 (161 XP)
  • Baneling Spiker x2 (161 XP)
February 10th 2010 Game Summary

A Long Day, part one

Fresh off the high of their win in the first round, the party continued on with the gladiator arena. Like the first round, the second round consisted of normal pirates and was fairly simple. The party took out the gladiators one by one as Ash waited for the perfect moment.

The second round finished, the pirates let the games continue. The crowd roared as the doors on either side burst open and the Brute Brothers burst into the arena. They roared as the pirate captain yelled START and the handlers let the brothers loose. Gate pushed back “Happy” which angered his brother, Lucha. Lucha charged through the party and surrounded Gate as they both pummeled him into the ground. 422 Maintenance and Phaetari took quick action and brought him back into action as the party kept whittling down the brothers’ health.

The crowd continued to roar and it finally looked like the two brothers were about to fall. Their hulking bodies were bloody and bruised and both looked like they could fall over at any time. Suddenly, a loud roar was heard over the crowd as the doors on the opposite side of the arena burst open.

The brute brothers father burst into the arena and was obviously angry at the site of his two sons being beaten. The brute father rushed and bashed Voltaire in the head. Voltaire and Ash returned by trapping him in thorns and ice. Voltaire also brutally pelted the father with giant icicles.

The father filled with giant icicles and surrounded by thorns looked down upon Voltaire. He raised his massive club and pounded on Voltaire and in his rage he continued to pummel Voltaire into the ground until he was dead.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party focused on the two remaining brothers while keeping their distance from the father. Gate bravely stepped forward and 422 Maintenance sent his construct to surround it. Stuck, the father had no choice but try and deal with Gate. Phaetari, Hammurabi, Ash, and 422 eventually took down the two brothers and were only left with the father.

Even engulfed in thorns the father was still a force to be reckoned with as he pummeled Gate but the group eventually took him down.

The arena shook with cheers, new arena champions were crowned!

People stomped their hands and feet shaking the arena as the master of the arena tried to calm the crowd. The crowd finally quieted down but the arena continued to shake. Screaming was still coming from outside and suddenly the sound of cannon fire roared over the screams and shook the ground.

Tortuga is under attack!

Februaru 10th 2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (165XP)
  • Rahl Arena Round 2 (394XP)
  • Rahl Arena Round 3 (424XP)
  • Rahl Arena Round 4 (516XP)

Total for session: 1499

Total for campaign: 7677

Roleplaying Rewards (165)
  • Rahl Arena Champions (165 XP)

Rahl Arena Round 2 (394 XP)

  • Rahl Veteran Gladiator x3 (215 XP)
  • Rahl Gladiator x3 (179 XP)
Rahl Arena Round 3 (424 XP)
  • Rahl Brute Brother x2 (360 XP)
  • Rahl Brute Handler x4 (65 XP)
Rahl Arena Round 4 (516 XP)
  • Rahl Brute Father x1 (482 XP)
  • Rahl Brute Handler x2 (35 XP)
January 25th 2010 Bonus Game Summery

Ash, Phaetari and 422 were relaxing in a town pub when chaos suddenly broke out with the sighting of a colossus on the horizon. The colossus was devastating the countryside and the town guardsmen were quick to lockdown the city. However this was undermined by human-sized golems that teleported into the middle of town and attacked from within. Some of the golems carried explosive kegs of elemental fire that quickly spread throughout the town.

The party was near the inner city gate dispatching golem minions when the fire started to spread near them. They scrambled to force open the inner gate only to find more danger on the other side. More golems teleported and were joined by floating monoliths which held their ground and made opportunity attacks at anyone trying to pass them. The group made short work of the reinforcements thanks to a crack shot at one of the explosive golems in a tight cluster. However the fire was nipping at their heels and the monoliths stood between them and the outer gate. To make things worse there were nearby enemy patrols that could spot them. While the party got tagged by the monoliths a few times, they were largely successful in sneaking past the patrol. At the gate they met a goliath town guardsman named Hector and together they moved the lock on the outer gate. By this time the patrol noticed them, but Ash created a wall of vines to cover their retreat out of the city.

In the countryside the party noticed strange light emanating from a hill, which is renown for the megalith that sits on its summit. Believing this to be source of the calamity, the party trekked up the hillside. They met resistance on their way up as golems rolled boulders down the hill to crush them. However the party was deft at avoiding the perils and made it to the summit. Along the way, 422 destroyed one of the explosive golems with his crossbow and then did the Unflinching Walk.

In the hilltop megalith the party witnessed a mage who was enlarging golems to the size of colossi with magical powder. When the party surprised him he panicked and attempted to pour the powder on himself. However he fumbled the container, which shattered on the ground, releasing a cloud of magic power the enveloped everyone there. The mage and the entire party all grew to be 200 feet tall!

The mage teleported to his gang of colossi at the smoldering ruins of the town the party started at. Now they were turning their attention to the kingdom’s capitol to the southwest. The party was north of the king’s castle and a lake stood between them and the colossi to the east. Wanting to avoid stomping through the castle town, the party moved north around the lake to meet with the colossi.

Half of the colossi engaged the party while the other half, including the mage, moved southwest towards the capitol. They breached the outer wall, but Ash was able to trap one in a mess of giant writhing roots. While that one was trapped and Hector single handedly occupied the two others to the north, the remaining colossus and the mage stomped through the inner city, leaving ruin in their wake.

The army started to launch catapults indiscriminately against all of the giants in the battlefield. Phaetari attempted to use her powers to heal the wounded citizens and communicate telepathically that they were allies. The heads of twenty people exploded from the immense psychic power. The colossus accompanying the mage ripped a watchtower from the castle wall and stabbed 422 with it. Then the guards inside the wall proceeded to attack 422 from within the wound.

The mage broke through the castle walls and just as he was reaching into the throne room to crush the king, Ash’s firebird struck a fatal wound. Without their master the colossi became inert and the day was saved.

Civilian casualties: 590 dead, 1770 wounded

Then the party woke up. They were back in their holding cell in Hidden Pirate Island awaiting the gladiatorial games the coming day.

January 4th 2010 Game Summery

The ship was roughly two days away from Karnish when Hammurabi had another of his fainting episodes. When he awoke he told the party that he had a vision. There was a man on board who must be stopped and they were all in grave danger. Hammurabi took the party to a room where a hysterical man has barricaded himself in his quarters. Voltaire used his (daily) teleporting powers to enter the barricaded room. The hysterical man had transformed into one of the Stitch-Faced Men. Voltaire knocked out the man (and helped himself to his wallet) but found that the door was sealed and barricaded too heavily to opened even from the inside!

Meanwhile other crew members began to go out of control and behave destructively. The mast was torn down and the ship was lit aflame! Phaetari was able to secure a lifeboat while Ash zealously fended off the mad crew members. 422 Maintenance retrieved the explosive keg left over from the pirate battle in order to assure it didn’t explode in the fire. The weight of the keg and himself caused him to fall through a weakened floor. He extracted the bomb core from the keg and swiftly made it to the lifeboat.

Hammurabi and Gate, who where in the bottom deck when the fires broke out, discovered some eerie runic statuettes in the hold. Unable to destroy them in a timely manner, they took the statuettes with them to the lifeboat.

Voltaire managed to escape from the barricaded room by prying the floorboards and dropping to the deck below. On his way through the burning ship to the top deck he stopped by the brig. There he freed the captured pirates out of concern of being unable to claim the bounty on their heads if they go down with the ship. However the ship was crumbling around them and flaming debris blocked their way out. Voltaire and only one other pirate were able to force their way through the debris and jump to the lifeboat just as the ship split in half spectacularly and sink to the bottom of the ocean!

While on the dingy, renamed by Voltaire as the H.M.S. Absolute, the party surmised that the statuettes were likely the cause of the crew’s madness. Despite Hammurabi’s dissent, the party voted to be rid of the statuettes and thew them off of the Absolute. During the discussion it was revealed that both Phaetari and Hammurabi had separate visions that suggest that someone in the party might be working against them.

The Absolute neared land and the party could see a settlement, but one that none of the recognized. The lone pirate that Voltaire managed to rescure, “Slim” Jimmy, was “persuaded” into revealing that the settlement was Hidden Pirate Island. “Slim” Jimmy forged a deal with the party to supply the info they would need into order to blend in and avoid detection on the island in exchange for his freedom.

On Hidden Pirate Island, the party disguised themselves as pirates, except for Ash who shifted into a parrot, and made their way to the pub. Along the way they noticed a fighting arena and outside were passengers of their downed ship in cages marked “cannon fodder”. In the pub the party learned that the next day there would be a slaughter in the arena. The party stuck a deal with the arena master. They would fight his gladiators – a much better spectacle than a simple slaughter they supposed – and if they won he would give them a ship and the captives as a crew.

One of the stipulations was that the party had to stay in the fighter’s quarters until the match. Ash, in his parrot form, was able to leave the fighters quarters without suspicion. As a human, he made a large bet on the party for the coming match.

The next day the party was thrown into the arena while Ash was perched incognito on the shoulder of the arena master. They easily bested the gladiators of the first round and, despite a few stumbles, was able to win some of the crowd’s favor.


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