The Doomsday Clock

May 17th XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (1001XP)
  • Aire’s Betrayal (403XP)
  • Meglan’s Shadow (1200XP)
  • Fight in the Underdark (729XP)

Experience points earned this session: 3333

  • Total XP for campaign: 27202
  • Current level after game: 11
  • XP to next level: 4798
Roleplaying Rewards (1001)
  • Leaving the Underdark (250 XP)
  • Doomsday (750 XP)
  • Keeping TeaBob Alive (1 XP)
Fight in the Underdark (729 XP)
  • The Bringer of The End x1 (521 XP)
  • Keeper of the End x2 (208 XP)
Aire’s Betrayal (403 XP)
  • Aire x1 (220 XP)
  • Bringer of the Song x1 (92 XP)
  • Bringer of the Bounding Blade x1 (92 XP)
Meglan’s Shadow (1200 XP)
  • Meglan, The First (Shadow Form) x1 (600 XP)
  • Skittering Shadow x2 (300 XP)
  • Watchful Shadow x2 (300 XP)
May 3rd XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (990XP)
  • Welcome to the Underdark (1009XP)
  • Mindflayer Encounter (1320XP)

Experience points earned this session: 3319

  • Total XP for campaign: 23869
  • Current level after game: 10
  • XP to next level: 2131
Roleplaying Rewards (990)
  • Sneaking Past the Fort (715 XP)
  • Delivering the Package (275 XP)
Welcome to the Underdark (1009 XP)
  • Drow Blademaster x1 (366 XP)
  • Drow Venomblade x2 (229 XP)
  • Drow Soul Stealer x1 (161 XP)
  • Drow Arachnomancer x1 (138 XP)
  • Drow Adventurer x1 (114 XP)
Mindflayer Encounter (1320 XP)
  • Mind Flayer Mastermind x1 (440 XP)
  • Drider Thrall x2 (330 XP)
  • Drow Inquisitor Thrall x1 (193 XP)
  • Drow Priest Thall x1 (193 XP)
  • Drow Underlings x4 (165 XP)
April 26th XP Report

XP for the last two games

XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (875XP)
  • Battlefield (610XP)
  • Battlefield Crossfire (580XP)
  • Flameskull Dragon (907XP)

Experience points earned this session: 2972

  • Total XP for campaign: 20550
  • Current level after game: 10
  • XP to next level: 5450
Roleplaying Rewards (875)
  • Lengthy Talk (375 XP)
  • The Elven Lands (250 XP)
  • The Other Party (250 XP)
Battlefield (610 XP)
  • Twisted Soldier x5 (115 XP)
  • Twisted Spotter x1 (92 XP)
  • Twisted Grunt x2 (183 XP)
  • Twisted Captain x1 (220 XP)
Battlefield Crossfire (580 XP)
  • Twisted Grunt x2 (200 XP)
  • Demon Commander x1 (280 XP)
  • Flameskull Minion x4 (100 XP)
Flameskull Dragon (907 XP)
  • Flameskull Dragon x1 (800 XP)
  • Flameskull Wight x4 (107 XP)
April 26th Game Summary

The party woke up after their ordeal in the other parties body and found themselves in what could only be in the Elven lands. They were in a strange wooded area with flora and fauna they had never seen and unfamiliar skies overhead. The party decided to backtrack to see where whoever was controlling their bodies came from and eventually came to a dead end. They did find a portal stone and destroyed it to keep anything else from coming to the Elven lands.

That night, Voltaire climbed a tree to try and figure out where they go in the unfamiliar land and saw what looked to be a city about a days travel to the North. The party spend the next day traveling and eventually arrived at the city that evening. Ash, in wolf form, and Voltaire scouted out the city and found it completely abandoned and littered with very old Elven skeletons. While trying to leave, something shot an arrow at Voltaire’s foot.

Several elves jumped down from the trees and confronted Voltaire and Ash. The elves captured Voltaire while Ash took the opportunity to run away. Since he was in animal form, the elves did not bother chasing him but they did lead Voltaire away.

Ash reunited with the party and told them what had happened. Phaetari walked into the city to try and make peace with Voltaire’s captors but nobody was there. Ash picked up on the trail of Voltaire being led away so the party followed. Two elves eventually confronted the party but since Phaetari was wearing her holy symbol the elves trusted her and brought her and the rest of the party to their city, Si’Jhar Cysti, where they met Voltaire.

The elves warmly greeted and welcomed the newcomers fully opening their doors. The party had many questions but the elves refused to answer them until that evening.

The following is a summary from the information given at the dinner. If you have any further questions, please let me know!

The Elves
  • The elves did not leave the world to simply shut themselves off, the placed the veil to contain The Evil.
  • The Evil had been more or less trapped behind The Veil for the past 1000 years
  • The elves thought they could contain and eliminate The Evil but were very wrong and has been slowly being exterminated over the past 1000 years.
  • This is the last town the elves know of and the number that lives there is only in the 100’s.
The Gods and Other Characters
  • What you know as The Evil is actually named Hatred
    • Has been killed by The First before
    • Has also tried, unsuccessfully, to use The First as his own tool of destruction
  • What you know as The Light is actually named Cassandra
  • What you know as The Balance is actually named Duedras
  • What you know as The First is actually named Meglan
Meglan, The First
  • She is 1000’s upon 1000’s of years old but is not an immportal
    • She has actually been killed, destroyed, and imprisoned multiple times but she has always been able to will herself back or free
  • She was the first being the gods created but turned out to be incredibly violent and rebelled against the gods so the gods killed her.
    • She was later resurrected by a demon which also spawned the Vashar race
    • Vashar live far below The Underdark and is a race bred for war against the gods
  • Her only agenda is to destroy everything the gods hold dear
  • She has been trapped in the shadow plane for the past 1000 years
    • Getting into the plane is simple, getting out is incredibly difficult, even harder if you died there.
    • When the gods put her there, they killed her.
    • In order to escape that plane she needs a body. She can exist for a short period of time in the material plane (your plane) but will be tethered to whatever portal she used and only be able to manifest herself for a very short period of time.
    • She has been severely weakened after being imprisoned in that plain for the past 1000 years, though closer to 10,000 to her because of the time difference.
The Portal to the Shadow Plane
  • The items the other party had where keys to opening a completely stable to the shadow plane
    • This is generally very hard to do and very rare
  • The elves think TeaBob is being manipulated into opening the portal by Meglan making him think it’s a weapon against The Evil
  • This is a very stable portal, but only lets those who have not died pass through and stay through.
    • Meglan, The First will need a body once through the portal in order to stay. Otherwise she will be tethered to the portal and eventually pulled back in.
  • It takes about a week to open the portal.
April 5th Game Summary

The party fought through the demons traps and minions and finally came to its front door. Hammurabi heard voices on the other side of the door and tried to listen to hear what they were saying but couldn’t hear anything. Gate not being one for subtlety kicked open the door.

The party saw a large audience chamber with demons of all shapes and sizes lining the walls eying them suspiciously. At the end of the hallway there was a very small demon that appeared to have some sort of authority over the demons. It sat high in a large throne surrounded by clocks of various shapes and sizes and legal ledgers. The demon motioned the party forward.

This was the demon Mezzo they were looking for it and told them he could get them out of Hell if they did something for him. Mezzo said he knew his minions could easily take but had no desire to needlessly waste them. Instead, he would rather they just leave his home. Not being one to give something for nothing, Mezzo gave the party a small chest of various trinkets he had no need for and a task to deliver a package to a village. In return, Mezzo would spare their lives and let them leave Hell to go wherever they wanted.

The party signed a contract and put on special necklaces that bound the party to their words and assumed Mezzo was bound to the contract.

Mezzo opened a portal back to the parties world and the party entered. They found themselves in a forest with a town nearby and went on their way.

At first glance the town looked deserted but upon closer inspection by Ash and Voltaire they found that The Bringers had turned the villagers into followers of The First. Before they could get back, four possessed villagers jumped out from the trees and ambushed the rest of the party. Ash and Voltaire rushed back to the group when they saw what was going on and the group was able to take care of the minor threat.

The group moved onto the village and found possessed villagers wandering the street waiting for the party. The villagers flung themselves at the group trying to stop them while Bringers revealed themselves from the shadows and attacked the party. The party took care of the villagers and Bringers only to see five more villagers on the bridge trying to summon something.

The group tried to stop the villagers from summoning whatever they were trying to summon but they were too light. The runs painted on the bridge glowed and a large dragon emerged on the bridge and attacked the party.

The dragon started out strong and things looked bad for the party but the party was able to take care of the remaining villagers and turn the tides on the dragon. The dragon eventually flew into the air and finally retreated to some unseen place.

With the villagers taken care of, the party finished their task by placing the package under the bridge. Upon setting it down, the package burst into flames sunk into the ground opening up a portal to Hell. The party saw Mezzo sitting on the other side and entered the portal.

Mezzo was pleased to see that the party successfully completed their task and released them from their contract and agreed to send them on their way. Before the party left, they heard The Doomsday clock rumble and start to move. Mezzo opened a scrying glass to view the portal and noticed that it moved from 11:56 to 11:55.

Mezzo was noticeably upset and confused by this since it had never moved backwards before. Slightly upset, Mezzo hurried the party through the portal.

All went black and then Ash woke up first. When he woke up, a stranger was shaking him trying to wake him. Ash came to his senses and noticed he was in the body of the other party and the rest of his party soon woke up and noticed the same thing.

Every member looked at themselves in their new bodies and then at the rest of the members not sure what was happening or if they were the only one this happened to as they noticed they also happened to be afflicted by the baneling curse.

April 5th XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (150XP)
  • Village Encounter (100XP)
  • Bridge Encounter (490XP)
  • Dragon on the Bridge (650XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1390

  • Total XP for campaign: 17578
  • Current level after game: 9
  • XP to next level: 2922
Roleplaying Rewards (150)
  • Demonic Bureaucracy (150 XP)
Villagers in the Woods (100 XP)
  • Possessed Villager x4 (100 XP)
Nazington Encounter (490 XP)
  • Possessed Villager x10 (250 XP)
  • Bringer of the Sting x1 (200 XP)
  • Bringer of the Deadwood x2 (40 XP)
Dragon on the Bridge (650 XP)
  • Summoned Dragon x1 (500 XP)
  • Possessed Villager x5 (150 XP)
March 29th 2010 XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (200XP)
  • Nightly Encounter (550XP)
  • Outside Tower Encounter (490XP)
  • Wraith Encounter (367XP)

Experience points earned this session: 1607

  • Total XP for campaign: 16188
  • Current level after game: 8
  • XP to next level: 312
Roleplaying Rewards (200)
  • Dorian the Gatekeeper (200 XP)
Nightly Encounter (550 XP)
  • Sword Demon x1 (458 XP)
  • Flameskull Minion x4 (92 XP)
Outside Tower Encounter (490 XP)
  • Runespiral Demon x1 (104 XP)
  • Gorechain Demon x2 (146 XP)
  • Blightborn Demonthorn x1 (83 XP)
  • Bloodseep Demon x1 (83 XP)
  • Demonic Sacrifice x4 (73 XP)
Wraith Encounter (367 XP)
  • Wraith x3 (220 XP)
  • Mezzodemon Fighter x2 (147 XP)
March 22nd Game Summary

The party moved from the fallen knight Alain to the library. Upon reaching the library they heard signs of battle so decided it would be best to take a longer route rather than march in through the front.

When they arrived at the back end of the library, Ash noticed Bringers (stitch-faced guys) and demons fighting at the front of the library, though the party could not see what they were fighting over. Deciding to avoid the battle and let them sort out their differences, the party successfully snuck into the library to find the book Alain pointed them towards.

Alain’s clue pointed them towards one of the basements of the library where the children’s books were held. Upon finding the book the party found out that it was fairly worthless and only had a brief mention of something that could be The First. The story spoke of The Queen of Lies and told children not to steal or else she would come and take their souls. The only real connection to The First in the story was the picture that looked like the shadowy figure they had seen of her earlier.

The only thing of real interest in the area was the cracked floor that showed a glimpse of an unnaturally cold room below that looked as though it had not been disturbed in 100’s of years. Gate broke the floor with his hammer and 422 Maintenance shimmied down to investigate the area.

The room was covered in dust and broken debris with a door on either side of the room. Behind one door was a sealed that looked as though this room had been sealed from the outside 100’s of years before so that the room could just be forgotten. The other door led down to a man-made hallway that looked like the rest of the library.

The party followed the hallway down and after a small turn they felt a large rumble and noticed several funny things. The hallway slowly started to twist as it became even colder, color started fading away, and Voltaire started to become overcome with sadness.

Eventually, the party came to a large hole at a dead end. The hole was far deeper than they could see so Voltaire bravely stepped up and volunteered to be lowered down. The party tethered him to Gate and slowly lowered him down the deep dark hole. The hole was so deep that the party was forced to use two ropes but Voltaire finally managed to reach the bottom.

Upon reaching the bottom, Voltaire saw more hallway that looked like the rest of the library and heard a strange humming coming from all around. The party attempted to pull Voltaire back up to safety but he quickly untied himself from the make-shift harness since he was still curious about the ghostly, eerie humming.

Worried, Gate and 422 decided to go back to the library to find someone they could tether a rope to let them all down but they quickly found that the way they entered from had vanished and was replaced with a T-section. Curious, they further explored the labyrinth letting Gate’s hammer be their guide. Though it behaved oddly when dropped, the hammer eventually led them to Voltaire with the 100 foot hole somehow above them.

The party members at the bottom of the hole shouted up at Hammurabi, Ash, and Phaetari and they made their way through the pitch black labyrinth. Slightly confused, the party explored the large area and eventually found a large iron door with a hole bored more than foot in it with a handle.

Hamm tried to turn the handle but the devious device quickly showed it’s true nature. Whoever wanted to open that door would have to sacrifice their arm since turning the handle that opens the door makes spikes extend into the arm of the user. The party tried to force the handle with walking staffs but in the end Hamm decided to take the hurt and opened the door.

The door lowered and the party was confronted with a large row of books in a large ring shaped room. Upon setting foot in the room, the whole part heard a ghostly humming as if someone was humming some sort of twisted childrens rhyme. Everyone except Voltaire heard humming and gibberish but Voltaire could actually hear the words being sung to him.

Enjoy yourself, It’s later than you think

Enjoy yourself, While you’re still in the pink.

The years go by (laughs) as quickly as a wink.

Enjoy yourself, enjoy yourself, It’s later than you think.

The last line sounded as if it came from directly behind him and Voltaire felt an icy hand on his shoulder. Before he could react he felt a knife slide across the side of his neck and nick him. Quickly turning, Voltaire barely noticed the shadowy figure of The First fading away.

Putting the strange event behind them, the party explored the cylindrical room. There were four rooms each with a different colored jewel nestled into the large door, a door on the inside wall, a crank that rotated the inner wall, and a lighting mechanism. The group quickly figured out that they must rotate the room so that the lighting mechanism matches the jewel on the doors so they can open each room one by one.

While the group opening the first room, Hamm noticed The First looking over a book. She looked at him and dropped the book on the ground asking him is this my dream or yours? before fading away. Hamm took the book but it seemed to be filled with gibberish so he stowed it in his pack.

The first room they entered looked like a small torture chamber. On the ground a small plaque had the following inscription etched into it:

People with petty greed ~ how much do they get Not all people have big-sized greeds We are very ordinary

The room had potions lining the walls of many bright colors but the group ignored them and found a key to one of the inner doors. The group took the key and left the suspicious room.

Unlocking the next door, the group came into a room with five large four armed statues each holding a box. Another plaque was on the ground that read you get what you put in.

The group put in a normal staff to get a common magical staff and then coin purse to get a magical purple coin purse. When Voltaire tried to place his arm inside the new coin purse to his surprise he found out it was cursed and it tried to eat him. Phaetari tried to heal Voltaire but her staff ended up being cursed as well and hurt Voltaire further. The group finally managed to stop the devouring coin purse. Voltaire sacrificed his lock pick set and was able to get a key from the room.

The next room had a long narrow hallway with a moving panel, button, and a timer on the end. After pressing the button, sand started flowing into the room and the timer started counting down. The party tried pressing the button again several times but this only restarted the counter back to 15. 422 wisely told the party to let the counter tick to 0 which disarmed the trap. The group retried the key and proceeded to the final outer room.

The final room had a large spike pit with two rotating platforms. The group jump from platform to platform to get to the other side but not without 422 and Hamm falling into the spiked pit first. Upon trying to climb the walls with the provided handholds, they found that each handhold has a poison spike trap and the group was forced to use a rope to help them up. With the entire party over the trap, the group retrieved the final key and Voltaire flew the group to the other side.

The group opened the final inner door and found a large obelisk. Using the final key, the group opened a door located on the oblisk to what looked like a portal to Hell. When they opened the door, the group could see the enigmatic man dart across a corner and the doomsday clock in the background.

While this was happening Voltaire heard The First humming again and saw her sitting on the obelisk. This time, however, she didn’t appear as the same shadowy figure and could make out some of her features. She appeared to be a beautiful elven maiden covered in darkness and still had the same penetrating white eyes.

She jumped down in front of Voltaire and said “it’s almost too convenient” while drawing a silver dagger. “He shows you the way to my wolrd. Was he leading the lamb to the slaughter or was he really trying to help? No, that isn’t the question.”

The First walks over to Phaetari who is oblivious to The First’s presence and places the silver dagger on her neck. “It would be too simple to kill her now…but I think there’s more work she can do for me.”

She looks over the group and then focuses on the dagger on Phaetari’s neck again and then back to Voltaire “It’s such a hard choice. You did invade my home, I’ve spent the last several thousand years preparing it, but you’ve also given me an entrance to another plane.”

“To thank or punish you…” she said pausing for a second.

Voltaire tried to warn the group of what was happening but before he could The First plunged the dagger into Phaetari’s throat causing her immense pain. The group then saw The First standing with a dagger in Phaetari’s throat. They tried to retaliate but The First went insubstantial and floated above them, mockingly humming the song she had been humming earlier.

Hamm decided it would be best to run and quickly ducked into the portal to Hell. Ash followed suit and Gate stayed behind to protect the group. Before The First could kill her, Phaetari stepped through the portal and The First shrieked in rage as she disappeared.

Since most of the group was already through the portal, Gate and 422 decided to go through the portal before The First returned deciding that facing Hell was better than facing her again.

Voltaire was not so quick to decide since he had recently been to Hell and didn’t enjoy the experience. Since the immediate danger was gone, Voltaire started working on collapsing the roof so a rogue gateway to Hell wouldn’t stay open. During his work, The First appeared again and attacked.

Voltaire tried to bravely stand his ground and question her but it appeared The First wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore as she quit humming her song and had a look of anger on her face. Before The First could kill him, Voltaire stepped through the portal while bringing down the roof. A large stone hit him on the head and he was knocked out as he was sent through the portal.

Meanwhile, the group waited a few short seconds as one by one each member appeared. When they were all there, they saw that the enigmatic man was nowhere to be found and could see the doomsday clock standing above everything miles in the distance.

While the group was deciding what to do, they could hear the clock spring to life even from miles away as the time moved from 11:54 to 11:55.

March 22nd XP Report
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (1250XP)
  • Outside the Library (240XP)
  • The First (417XP)

Total for session: 1907

Total for campaign: 14581

Roleplaying Rewards (1250)
  • Labyrinth (100 XP)
  • Door Trap (100 XP)
  • Greedy Room (100 XP)
  • Statue Room (200 XP)
  • Sand Trap (250 XP)
  • Rotating Platform Trap (300 XP)
  • Rotating Rings (100 XP)
  • Voltaire’s Nearly Last Stand (100 XP)
Outside the Library (240 XP)
  • Bringers x3 (120 XP)
  • Demons x3 (120 XP)
The First (417 XP)
  • The First x1 (417 XP)
March 17th 2010 Bonus Game 3 XP Report
For reals this time.
XP Report
  • Roleplaying Rewards (1076XP)
  • Spearmen Ambush (263XP)
  • Feral Beasts (210XP)
  • Showdown on the Climax (378XP)

Total for session: 1927

Total for campaign: 12429

Roleplaying Rewards (1076)
  • Crash Landing (236 XP)
  • Ford The River (263 XP)
  • Gon’ Hunting (53 XP)
  • Rescued! (105 XP)
  • Captured Soloman (210 XP)
  • Saved The Climax (210 XP)
Spearmen Ambush (263 XP)
  • Hostile Natives x5 (263 XP)
Feral Beasts (210 XP)
  • Monkeybears x4 (210 XP)
Showdown on the Climax (378 XP)
  • Soloman x1 (63 XP)
  • Red Dragon x1 (315 XP)

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