The Doomsday Clock

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Shamelessly Stealing
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

Just a note, all the maps and most city names are from The Kyngdoms . Feel free to take a look at the world, it’s pretty cool and it shouldn’t affect too much if you see the other side of the world. I just figure since I’m actually making this public and I’m uber paranoid, I should probably just make sure you know I didn’t make those maps. :-p

This is the way the world ends

This is the generic dream or vision your character had. Things were slightly from character to character, but this serves as a reminder for some of the events.

You find yourself on a nearly empty city street, one much larger than any city you have ever been in. The only others around are Ash and four other people you’ve never seen before but somehow know are your comrades.

Ahead of you, you see a crowd of woman and children running towards you, obviously from the sounds of battle coming from the other side of the protective city walls, but that isn’t your destination, you’re destination is behind you. You turn around and look at what you know as one of the Grand Churches of Light located in Urgolia.

Back towards the wall you hear a large noise as the wall comes crumbling down and an army of men with evil twisted faces come pouring through the wall slaughtering everything in their paths. Before you have a chance to help the women and children being slaughtered before your eyes you hear another large noise towards the church.

Looking up at the church, the large steeple at the top of the church is gone and replaced by white light slowly turning blood red. As the light turns darker it starts expanding and everything the light touches is instantly destroyed.

Amidst the nearly deafening noise of people being slaughtered on one side of you and the destruction on the other, you a whisper so faint that you would normally have to strain to hear it yet it can be clearly heard over everything say “this is the way the world ends.”

The Lake of Fire

This is the generic dream or vision your character had. Things were slightly from character to character, but this serves as a reminder for some of the events.

You find yourself floating in a smoky haze and without a body. You seem to have full control of where you look, but no control of where you move. Even without a body though, the heat is sweltering and is far greater than anything you’ve ever experienced.

The smoke clears and there’s a nearly blinding light and it takes a moment for your vision to adjust. Slowly, a pool of bright red hot liquid comes into view and it looks like what can only be explained as a lake of fire. In the center of the lake you see a figure that to even glance at fills you with more terror, sadness, and hate than you’ve ever felt before. It’s draped in heavy red robes with what little skin you can see is charred back with burning red veins and its head is covered by a terrifying red mask.

Looking away from the imposing figure you see the rocky shore of the fire lake and a man standing near the shore. He is dressed in a heavy armor far too heavy for any kind of this tremendous but he seems comfortable.

The two figures appear to be completely oblivious to your presence and the figure in the middle seems to calling out to the man on the shore. His voice enters your head in a language you’ve never heard but somehow understands and fills you with even more terror than you had before.

He’s calling out to the man, trying to sooth him somehow. You cannot know his exact words but you know he’s promising something to the man on the shore in return if only he will do him the smallest of favors.

The man on the shore starts kneeling and holding something in his hand you cannot see.

“I accept. The True Balance will be restored,” the man on the shore says as he opens his hands and looks at a small locket, “and when you return she can come back.”

The man seems to be concentrating on the locket and wrestling with strange decisions in his head but your focus is again on the horrible figure in the middle. You see the masked head slowly turn towards where you are. You don’t know how, but he has noticed you and you’re powerless to hide yourself.

The fear is paralyzing and just before the horrible figure eyes turn towards where you feel yourself floating, everything is black.

You wake up covered in a cold sweat. Looking around you see the other five people you’ve seen countless times over the past months laying on the ground too just waking up. Looking around further you also see all the towns people passed out on the ground.

November 2 2009 Game Summary
Why am I always surprised when players surprise me?

The game started with the players all meeting at the courtyard of the great church in Urgolia. Once they met they all passed out and had a new dream. After waking up, the party finds that the entire city is unconscious.

Minutes later the city wakes up and the party learns that they have all had various visions. It seems like the visions are on the same day that you all had your original dream. Talking to the people some more, you also find out that there were people who had dreams while they were in other cities and others that only experienced darkness.

The party went to the grand church to try and figure out what was going on. In order to gain access to the temple Voltaire disguised himself as a high level priest and asked to see the High Priest Teabob. After waiting for a good while in the waiting room, 422 Maintenance was able to figure out that the explosion in the original dreams took place in the room above them.

422 and Phaetari sneaked into the room and found that Teabob was researching methods of combating evil. 422 and Phaetari went back down to Voltaire to discuss what they found and High Priest Teabob entered.

The party was able to figure out that Teabob was hiding something but before being able to figure out what happened 422 asked him what Teabob was trying to scry on which angered Teabob and he left. As he left, the party noticed he leaned over to tell one of his attendants something, but it could not be heard what.

The party went back downstairs and relayed the information to the rest of the party. The part then decided the best choice of action would be to steal the books which just ended badly (though not as bad as it could have ended).

The party was able to eventually get away failing to take the book, but because of Voltaire the church was looking for three warforged, a dwarf, and a gnome as suspects for making everyone have the visions.

The party regrouped in a nearby stable to try and figure out what to do next. Since one of the people they saw in their most recent vision was from Karnish they decided to head in that direction.

That night, the party except Phaetari slept well for the first time in months. Phaetari had a vision similar to the she had in the church courtyard, except this time The Red Robed Figure turned, saw her, and said “I see you.”

The next morning the party left on their way to Karnish. Getting to the next town, Oakhurst, took slightly longer since the caravan stopped to repair a wagon, but they still had time to get their before nightfall.

When they reached Oakhurst they noticed that there were no fires and no activity in the city. Phaetari sent her leopard to search the city. The leopard saw that the city was completely empty and suddenly abandoned.

The party left the merchant caravan behind to search the city. After finding nothing living in the city, shadows in the street started to take form and they were attacked by strange creatures that 422 identified as goblins from fairy tales.

The party was finally able to defeat the nearly endless wave of goblins and returned to the merchants to find that they and their horses were missing save for a few blood spatters and some gnawed on bones.

November 2 2009 XP Report

Experience for the 11/2/2009 game.

Everyone is getting the same amount of XP this game, later I’ll start adding bonuses for role playing and doing really cool things.

  • 15x Goblin Minions
  • 1x Goblin Brute
  • Trying to steal the book

Total XP (per player): 500

That amount is really high compared to what you should get but I think it’s pretty silly how slow 4th edition levels you.

Gate's Vision

That night, you’re standing watch over the camp and doing whatever to keep yourself busy. You happen to look over at the burning embers of the fire and see a large snake slither out from the grass behind it. Once it gets into full view you notice that this snake is actually another warforged creature. When you look over at 422 Maintenance you then realize you are somewhere else.

You’re hiding in the shadows cursing the elf who always insists going about things his way. Everyone saw him, nobody saw you, at least you can take some comfort in that.

You shut the door and then remove a ring on your hand. You look down and finally see your hand and notice not only is it a human hand, it’s a female human hand.

The elf removes his cloak and hood and starts examining the spice rack. Idiot. You kneel down to the ground and start examining the floor boards. You finally find a warm spot and say aha! as you quickly remove your hand. It’s not the unnatural warmness that freaked you out, it’s the voices you knew that would enter your head if you kept your hand there.

The elf stops paying attention to the spice rack and starts examining the floor. After a moment he says they’re nearly ready, probably tonight, maybe tomorrow. We should get going though, it’s going to start any minute now.

A second or two later you hear a thud on the other side of the door and smile. Just like he said. No idea how he knew it was going to happen this morning but at least it didn’t happen to me.

You open the door and notice the passed out cooks on the floor. You step over them not noticing anything particularly valuable so you keep going to meet the rest of your group. You step out into the tavern and finally recognize this is the Oakhurst tavern where the goblins attacked.

You scan the room and see all the passed out people and then see your three other companions whom you’ve never seen, but still know.

The elf walks past you and starts to say something but everything becomes hazy and then dark.

Everything comes back into light and you’re staring at the fire again with everyone else but you 422, and Hammurabi asleep. Ham seems to be sitting up with a slightly confused look on his face._

You look back at the grass and it looks as though something has just moved through it.

422's Vision

That night, you’re standing watch over the camp and fiddling with your construct making sure it’s in perfect order. You happen to look over at the burning embers of the fire and see a large snake slither out from the grass behind it. Once it gets into full view you notice that this snake is actually another warforged creature. When you look over at Gate you then realize you are somewhere else.

You are sitting at a table in a crowded tavern. After a moment or two you realize this is the Oakhurst tavern (the town eaten by the goblins), except obviously before the events of yesterday.

You look around the table and see three other people eating breakfast that you’ve never seen before but you somehow know these people. Looking down you see a meal in front of you and then look at your hands and see human hands.

You and your group are sitting in quiet waiting for something. You keep looking towards the storage room waiting for your comrades, wondering what is taking them so long. You look around the table and notice your friends are anxious too, nervously looking from table to table and then back at your table.

You continue to wait several minutes and then suddenly everyone except you and your comrades suddenly pass out. You look back towards the kitchen and see an elf and a human female walk out and look around the room seemingly pleased.

They both walk towards you and start talking, but everything becomes hazy and then dark.

Everything comes back into light and you’re staring at the fire again with everyone else but you Gate, and Hammurabi asleep. Ham seems to be sitting up with a slightly confused look on his face.

You look back at the grass and it looks as though something has just moved through it.

Hammurabi Vision

You fall asleep rather easily since it was a pretty exhausting day and the dreams did not seem to be coming anymore but that night you still dream again.

You find yourself standing in some sort of storage room with nobody else. You hear a door shut behind you and then a female rogue appears as if from nowhere. This surprises you, except even though you’ve never seen here, you know and expected her to be there.

You remove your cloak and start scanning the room. The woman also starts searching around the floorboards as you absent mindedly look at the rack of spices near you. A minute or two later you hear the woman say aha!

You look over and she’s kneeled down at the floor in the opposite corner of the room feeling the floor.

This is it she says.

You walk over to the floor and kneel down and feel the unnaturally warm floor. As you touch it, you hear strange whispers in your head urging you to do terrible things.

You remove you hand and stand up saying they’re nearly ready, probably tonight, maybe tomorrow. We should get going though, it’s going to start any minute now.

You both hear several thuds on the other side of the door. The woman smirks and calmly walks out the door. Out of habit you put back on your cloak and hood and walk out too. As you pass through the kitchen you walk over several passed out people and then enter the actual tavern.

Everyone is passed out except three people, your traveling companions you’ve never seen, and they look as if they’ve been waiting on you.

You walk towards them and start to say something, but everything starts to become hazy and then dark.

You suddenly sit up and find yourself back at the campsite. Looking around you see everyone else asleep and the two warforged looking over towards where you found the hole.

November 13 2009 Email-Forum Game Summary

After a rough battle with a group of shadow goblins in the deserted Oakhurst, the group went back to the safety of the camp. Upon entering the camp the party saw that everything there had been eaten just as the people in Oakhurst had been.

The party searched the campsite but found nothing useful there. Hammurabi searched slightly further outside the campsite and found a strange hole about 75 yards. Around the hole there was a strange black slime coming from the hole and looked like something had dragged itself covered in the slime out of the hole.

Meanwhile, 422 Maintenance and Gate went down to the town to explore the town. They decide to go down to the tavern first since that’s where the most people would be. Walking in, they see the same scene as before: it looks like people were in the middle of their evening meal when they were suddenly interrupted and quickly killed.

They make their way back to the storage room and notice something odd: there’s a hole in the wooden floor. Upon closer inspection it looks like something broke through the floor there and left traces of some black residue. Moving slightly closer, they start hearing a strange out of this world sound. It sounds almost as if there’s a violent wind blowing throughout this room except there doesn’t appear to be any being blown around in the room.

Not wanting to risk being attacked without the rest of the group, the two returned to town and the group went to sleep while 422 and Gate kept watch.

That night, while the rest of the group dreamed of the The Lake of Fire again, 422, Gate, and Hamm each had a new vision(422’s Vision, Gate’s Vision, and Hammurabi Vision).

The three woke up about the same time and shared their visions and concerns with each other. They decided that the following morning that they would inform the group and search the two holes while the hole party was present.

The next morning, Hammurabi Vision found a strange broken tablet with some unknown writing on it but no black slime. Phaetari tried to discern what the tablet said, but she could not figure out what the large symbol in the middle said and most of the text on the tablet was too badly worn to what it said other than some random words, doorway, and hell. Incredibly shocked, Phaetari informed the group of what she saw and the group went back to the town.

Going back to the cavern, it’s obvious that the visions 422, Gate, and Hamm took place in this vision and the storage room in the back and with that in my mind the group went to the storage room.

Hamm and the rest of their group make their way back to the storage room. Walking through the kitchen you see the door slightly open and notice a soft red light coming from it. Inching closer, you make your way forward, slowly open the door, and peer in.

You see the small storage room and it’s much warmer than it should be in there and there’s a soft red light coming from the hole in the floor, slowly pulsing. Around the whole there is a small amount of black residue on the edge of the broken boards and dripping back into the hole.

Before you have time to really do anything, the becomes incredibly bright red, there’s a loud POP, and then all is dark in the room except for the light coming in from the doorway.

You open the door slightly further to let in some more light and notice that the black residue around the hole has disappeared and the room feels like it is cooling off.

Not being one to waste time, Voltaire wriggles his way through the party and into the storage room.

You quickly get out your sunrod, activate it, and drop it down the hole. The rope starts falling and then pretty stops. You peek your head over and the heat is still radiating from the hole and notice the hole is about as deep the other one.

At the bottom of the hole is another shattered stone that looks to be about the same size as the previous one and the light from the sunrod shows more worn unfamiliar text.

Voltaire grabs the tablet and burns his hands but still manages to get the broken tablet out of the hole. While this one was in better condition than the previous one, it was still pretty badly worn. Phaetari still could not get everything but she did figure out it was a piece of a ritual to open a minor doorway to hell.


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