The Golden Coast

The Golden Coast use to be the home of the elven nobles but during The Last War it was heavily attacked by forces of The Evil. After the elves left, the entire northern section of the Golden Coast was left alone. In the mountains of the southern regions, the dwarves were able to make their new home in the recluse mountains.

While much of the north is still abandoned and nothing more than wilderness, the dwarves still live in the south and the newly formed Warforged nation have made their home in the ruins of the north.

The Ruins of the Golden Citadel

There is currently nothing living at the ruins of the Golden Citadel but there are often expedition crews there studying the elves and humans that lived there over 1000 years ago.


Xana’k was only recently found and with its discovery came the discovery of the warforged. The warforged now call this city home and are actively rebuilding the mostly underground city.


Located deep in mountains of the Golden Coast, Goyn is the capital of the dwarven cities in this region and has been for the past 1000 years.


Orm is the home of the hill dwarves.


Praid is a porttown populated by dwarves and humans and serves as a hub for trade to the rest of the world.

The Golden Coast

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