The Midlands

The Midlands contain the Endless Forest, a holy place where The Last War ended. Aside from that, it also contains several human civilizations.

The Endless Forest

Besides just being sacred ground, The Endless Forest is also home to the more wild races such as changelings, shifters, and wild Halflings.

Mazan and Fulton

Every year, the Festival of The Light that celebrates the end of The Last War is held in Mazan and Fulton because they are the two cities located closes to the sight where the war ended, Vel’assur. The celebration use to alternate between the two cities but as it grew large and large it became too large for each city and it was decided that the cities could share the celebrations.

Because of this, great care was made to make a safe passage between the cities so a great road now connects the two cities with constant patrols.

The Midlands

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