The Doomsday Clock

November 2 2009 Game Summary

Why am I always surprised when players surprise me?

The game started with the players all meeting at the courtyard of the great church in Urgolia. Once they met they all passed out and had a new dream. After waking up, the party finds that the entire city is unconscious.

Minutes later the city wakes up and the party learns that they have all had various visions. It seems like the visions are on the same day that you all had your original dream. Talking to the people some more, you also find out that there were people who had dreams while they were in other cities and others that only experienced darkness.

The party went to the grand church to try and figure out what was going on. In order to gain access to the temple Voltaire disguised himself as a high level priest and asked to see the High Priest Teabob. After waiting for a good while in the waiting room, 422 Maintenance was able to figure out that the explosion in the original dreams took place in the room above them.

422 and Phaetari sneaked into the room and found that Teabob was researching methods of combating evil. 422 and Phaetari went back down to Voltaire to discuss what they found and High Priest Teabob entered.

The party was able to figure out that Teabob was hiding something but before being able to figure out what happened 422 asked him what Teabob was trying to scry on which angered Teabob and he left. As he left, the party noticed he leaned over to tell one of his attendants something, but it could not be heard what.

The party went back downstairs and relayed the information to the rest of the party. The part then decided the best choice of action would be to steal the books which just ended badly (though not as bad as it could have ended).

The party was able to eventually get away failing to take the book, but because of Voltaire the church was looking for three warforged, a dwarf, and a gnome as suspects for making everyone have the visions.

The party regrouped in a nearby stable to try and figure out what to do next. Since one of the people they saw in their most recent vision was from Karnish they decided to head in that direction.

That night, the party except Phaetari slept well for the first time in months. Phaetari had a vision similar to the she had in the church courtyard, except this time The Red Robed Figure turned, saw her, and said “I see you.”

The next morning the party left on their way to Karnish. Getting to the next town, Oakhurst, took slightly longer since the caravan stopped to repair a wagon, but they still had time to get their before nightfall.

When they reached Oakhurst they noticed that there were no fires and no activity in the city. Phaetari sent her leopard to search the city. The leopard saw that the city was completely empty and suddenly abandoned.

The party left the merchant caravan behind to search the city. After finding nothing living in the city, shadows in the street started to take form and they were attacked by strange creatures that 422 identified as goblins from fairy tales.

The party was finally able to defeat the nearly endless wave of goblins and returned to the merchants to find that they and their horses were missing save for a few blood spatters and some gnawed on bones.



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