The Doomsday Clock

The Lake of Fire

This is the generic dream or vision your character had. Things were slightly from character to character, but this serves as a reminder for some of the events.

You find yourself floating in a smoky haze and without a body. You seem to have full control of where you look, but no control of where you move. Even without a body though, the heat is sweltering and is far greater than anything you’ve ever experienced.

The smoke clears and there’s a nearly blinding light and it takes a moment for your vision to adjust. Slowly, a pool of bright red hot liquid comes into view and it looks like what can only be explained as a lake of fire. In the center of the lake you see a figure that to even glance at fills you with more terror, sadness, and hate than you’ve ever felt before. It’s draped in heavy red robes with what little skin you can see is charred back with burning red veins and its head is covered by a terrifying red mask.

Looking away from the imposing figure you see the rocky shore of the fire lake and a man standing near the shore. He is dressed in a heavy armor far too heavy for any kind of this tremendous but he seems comfortable.

The two figures appear to be completely oblivious to your presence and the figure in the middle seems to calling out to the man on the shore. His voice enters your head in a language you’ve never heard but somehow understands and fills you with even more terror than you had before.

He’s calling out to the man, trying to sooth him somehow. You cannot know his exact words but you know he’s promising something to the man on the shore in return if only he will do him the smallest of favors.

The man on the shore starts kneeling and holding something in his hand you cannot see.

“I accept. The True Balance will be restored,” the man on the shore says as he opens his hands and looks at a small locket, “and when you return she can come back.”

The man seems to be concentrating on the locket and wrestling with strange decisions in his head but your focus is again on the horrible figure in the middle. You see the masked head slowly turn towards where you are. You don’t know how, but he has noticed you and you’re powerless to hide yourself.

The fear is paralyzing and just before the horrible figure eyes turn towards where you feel yourself floating, everything is black.

You wake up covered in a cold sweat. Looking around you see the other five people you’ve seen countless times over the past months laying on the ground too just waking up. Looking around further you also see all the towns people passed out on the ground.



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