The Doomsday Clock

This is the way the world ends

This is the generic dream or vision your character had. Things were slightly from character to character, but this serves as a reminder for some of the events.

You find yourself on a nearly empty city street, one much larger than any city you have ever been in. The only others around are Ash and four other people you’ve never seen before but somehow know are your comrades.

Ahead of you, you see a crowd of woman and children running towards you, obviously from the sounds of battle coming from the other side of the protective city walls, but that isn’t your destination, you’re destination is behind you. You turn around and look at what you know as one of the Grand Churches of Light located in Urgolia.

Back towards the wall you hear a large noise as the wall comes crumbling down and an army of men with evil twisted faces come pouring through the wall slaughtering everything in their paths. Before you have a chance to help the women and children being slaughtered before your eyes you hear another large noise towards the church.

Looking up at the church, the large steeple at the top of the church is gone and replaced by white light slowly turning blood red. As the light turns darker it starts expanding and everything the light touches is instantly destroyed.

Amidst the nearly deafening noise of people being slaughtered on one side of you and the destruction on the other, you a whisper so faint that you would normally have to strain to hear it yet it can be clearly heard over everything say “this is the way the world ends.”



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